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Training with routine delivery
30,000 colones with everything included / 20,000 colones excluding diet

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Many times clients need an exercise program and also a personalized guide to be able to execute it correctly and get the most out of it.


This modality consists of the execution of a training session with the subsequent sending of the practiced routine so that the client can train on their own but already having confidence that they practiced their exercises with the guidance of a professional first.



- 1 personal training session at home

- Complete diet individualized for your goals

- Sending the routine with videos for each exercise

- Complete measurements taken on the training day

Steps to follow:

I have designed this method so that the client receives the best possible service in a short time, it consists of 3 steps in which only 1 isin person.


Initial contact:

To speed up and optimize the process, once the client contacts me to train with this method, they will be sent an interview document to fill out basic data about their objectives, possible injuries, training history and other elements that will be used to form an idea. general of the routine that will be carried out on the daya of the personal session.

Training Day:

The client will receive a personal training session at their location of choice in which we will finish building and carry out a training program that fits their goals, locationtraining and capabilities.

Program submission

Once the training session has been completed, the client will receive their training program with their entire routine explained with videos of the technique for the exercise performed, the weights, series, repetitions, rests and the methodologies established on the


This This method is optimal for all people who, due to time, place or other reason, find it more convenient to train on their own, always being sure not only that they are carrying out the training program in the best way but that they will be able to get the most out of it. themselves.

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