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Una dieta comprende todo lo que consumimos, nuestro trabajo es lograr que aquello que comemos sirva un propósito, para este fin es que un plan es necesario.

Todo plan alimenticio debe considerar las características individuales de cada persona, por ejemplo peso, sexo, edad y objetivos. Por esta razón es que he planes diferentes considerando esas variables.

Los planes de alimentación para bajar peso y grasa deben logar un déficit calórico, contener la suficiente cantidad de proteínas de alta calidad y al mismo tiempo buscar ser tan sabrosas como sea posible, esto con el fin de el cliente pueda seguirla realizando por el tiempo necesario.

Cada dieta que he diseñado contempla resultados diferentes, la reducción de peso esperada va desde 600 gramos a 3,5 por mes.




Years ago, before making all diets and programs available, I set out to prove that scientific knowledge and maximum dedication work.

To do this, I used my own body to set an example and as a testing ground to show anyone who doubts that this is not only possible but also realistic. For this purpose, I gained a considerable amount of weight (about 20 kilos) on two different occasions and then lost all of it on both occasions.

My intention has been to show not only that it is possible but that one can even go from being overweight to competing in bodybuilding.

To verify that these results were possible, I recorded many videos, photos, and medical data. Here, you can see a bit of this with my videos and photos.



Planes nutricionales personalizados

15.000 Colones

Planes nutricionales listos para descargar $20

Cada plan de nutrición deportiva

Incluye 3 dietas diferentes

Fat Loss and Weight Loss

To achieve a reduction in weight and fat, it is essential to create a caloric deficit, which means that we must consume less than what we expend. Therefore, a diet that achieves this will be the one that allows us to achieve the goal. When we do not know how much energy we consume, we will not be able to determine if we have eaten what we needed to reduce fat and weight.

Diets and nutritional plans

designed by a professional

From the age of 16, I pursued my first academic training where the topic of nutrition was central. Nowadays, I have completed several specific courses in sports nutrition and recently obtained the Sustainable Nutrition Plan Design course from the Harvard Medical School.

You can read more about me in the Experience and Preparation section, and you can also download my curriculum.



Unfortunately, in the field of nutrition, there is a predominant influence of beliefs based solely on lack of knowledge and often lies from dishonest individuals seeking to take advantage of the innocence of those seeking results without proper preparation.

Since I started working in the physical field over 17 years ago, I have encountered countless problems that people face when they want to change their bodies. However, undoubtedly the biggest of these problems is the lack of understanding of what we should eat to shape our bodies, health, and performance.

Today, the internet is filled with all kinds of contradictory information, but rarely are tools provided by trained professionals who know what they are doing and have the necessary experience.


Presentation and Format of the Diets

- Each program includes a different diet for each day, whether it's a weightlifting exercise day or a rest day.

- The quantities of each meal are clearly noted next to each meal.

- The program includes a weekly shopping list.

- Within the document, you will receive instructional videos to understand everything.


Payment and Delivery

Payment Methods

For personalized diets:

- SINPE móvil for clients in Costa Rica
- Bank transfer from any country

For purchasing diets on the website:

- Credit or debit card for any country


For purchasing diets or packages on the website:

Upon purchasing your routine on this website, delivery is immediate. You will receive an email with the download link to instantly download the program.

For personalized diets:

Diets are prepared every weekend. When you contact me to request a personalized diet, I will send you a questionnaire to create your nutritional plan. Once you have filled it out and sent it back to me, I will contact you to send your meal plan on the following closest weekend.

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