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Years ago, before making all the diets and programs available, I set out to prove that scientific knowledge and maximum dedication works.

To do this, I used my own body to set an example and as a test site to teach anyone who has doubts that this is not only possible but also realistic. For this I gained considerable weight (about 20 kilos) on two separate occasions and then lost them all on both occasions.

My intention has been to show not only that it is possible but that you can even go from being overweight to competing in bodybuilding.

To verify that these results were possible I recorded many videos, photos and medical data, here you can see a little of this with my videos and photos.





Fat and weight loss

Although for To achieve a reduction in the amount of weight and fat, it is necessary to follow an adequate diet since the process will also be considerably facilitated and accelerated by carrying out a training program that uses the greatest amount of energy possible (increase caloric expenditure). .

Increase in muscle mass, strength and size

To achieve these objectives it is necessary to carry an adequate dietAdded to a routine that involves the intensity and variety of stimuli necessary to trigger changes in the body, a gain routine of this type must be extremely well thought out and must be carried out correctly.

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