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entrenador personal

entrenadores personales

entrenadora personal

entrenadoras personales

entrenador personal costa rica

entrenadores personales costa rica

entrenadora personal costa rica

entrenadoras personales costa rica

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entrenador personal costa rica

personal trainer costa rica

entrenador personal costa rica

personal trainer costa rica

entrenador personal costa rica

personal trainer costa rica

entrenador personal costa rica

personal trainer costa rica

entrenador personal costa rica

personal trainer costa rica

entrenador personal costa rica

All training plans include specific technique videos for each of the included exercises.

These exercise programs have been designed by me and with the support of more than 20 years of practice as a personal trainer, experience in the field and of course also based on my academic training.

The plans include counter-resistance exercises (e.g. weights) and depending on the plan chosen, this also includes a basic routine of aaerobic (e.g. running). I offer a variety of programs for the vast majority of training situations, with or without machines. In the gym or outside of it.

The different programs last from 4 to 12 weeks depending on your choice and you can watch them all on mytraining programs sales section >.




Personalized programs for 6 weeks 10,000 colones

Programs ready for download from $10




Years ago, before making all the diets and programs available, I set out to prove that scientific knowledge and maximum dedication works.

To do this, I used my own body to set an example and as a test site to teach anyone who has doubts that this is not only possible but also realistic. For this I gained considerable weight (about 20 kilos) on two separate occasions and then lost them all on both occasions.

My intention has been to show not only that it is possible but that you can even go from being overweight to competing in bodybuilding.

To verify that these results were possible I recorded many videos, photos and medical data, here you can see a little of this with my videos and photos.






Programs designed by a professional

During my 21 years of practice and study, thanks to extensive academic preparation, I have acquired the necessary scientific knowledge in training and nutrition to achieve real and substantial results. This has allowed me, together with the maximum discipline of some of my clients, to lead them to change their physiques, achieving Extremely impressive fat reductions, and since I have personally experienced it on my own body, I know well what is necessary to achieve it.

You can read more about me in the Experience and Preparation section and you can alsodownload my resume.


Personally, I believe that the best tools should be available to those who really use them, for this reason and others I want my training programs and experience to be available to anyone who is willing to improve themselves.


Rutinas de ejercicio.jpg



Fat and weight loss

Although to achieve a reduction in the amount of weight and fat, it is necessary to follow an adequate diet since the process will also be considerably facilitated and accelerated by carrying out a training program that makes use of the greatest amount of energy possible (increase caloric expenditure). .


Incremento de masa muscular, fuerza y tamaño

Para alcanzar estos objetivos es necesario llevar una dieta adecuada junto a una rutina que involucre la intensidad y variedad de estímulos necesarios para desencadenar los cambios en el cuerpo, una rutina de aumento de este tipo debe estar sumamente bien pensada y deberá llevarse a cabo de forma correcta.

Exercises, technique and guide

Exercise programs involve specific basic images for exercise and in many cases technical execution videos for the exercise.motion what needs to be done so that the client has a complete guide on how to carry out theexercises. Below is a series of example videos:

Order and distribution

The routine includes a simple description of the training distribution based on the day of the week and how many times each routine should be performed, as well as providing a suggested effective duration before a program change is required.

Rutina de ejericicio costa rica entrenador personal costa rica, personal trainer costa rica, entrenamiento personal costa rica, inst



The numbers of sets, repetitions, rest durations and exercise combinations are clearly outlined in each program and specifically for each exercise. In addition, specific training methods are included when each case requires it, and the ways in which these methods should be carried out are also mentioned and described clearly and simply.

Rutina de ejercicio costa rica, entrenador personal costa rica, personal trainer costa rica, entrenamiento personal costa rica, inst

Presentation and format of the program

- Each program includes links to exercise videos, images and everything already described above.


- The programs available online are completely ready and each one has a different duration and objectives according to your choice, they all entail a different routine for each day.


- Personalized programs are sent on weekends, the effective duration of each program is usually 6 weeks and includes all the necessary routines.

- The program format is PDF and can be opened by phones with A operating systempple(IOS) or Android, they can also be opened incomputers and tablets with PDF readers, (in case you cannot openautomatically download the links to the videos, it is advisable to download the Microsoft One Drive application on any device).

- CanDownload the routine shown in the video here.


Payment and delivery method

Payment Methods

For custom routines:

- SINPE mobile for clients in Costa Rica

- Bank transfer from any country.

To purchase routines on the website:

- Credit or debit card for any country.




To purchase routines or packages on the website:

By purchasing your routineOn this website the delivery is immediate, an email is sent to you con the download link to instantly download the program.

For custom routines:

The routines are made every weekend. When you contact me to request a personalized routine, I will send you a questionnaire so I can create your training program. Once you have filled it out and sent it to me I will contact you to send you your training program on the nearest following weekend.

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